Creating a family tree online

This blog is not about creating my family tree. This is about creating family tree software for everyone.

My name is Phil Moir, and until the start of 2013 I was the technical lead for Genes Reunited, one of the leading family history websites. I am extremely fortunate to have found myself in a position to work in an environment where I can indulge two of my personal passions, writing usable and useful software, and family history. My Aunt Moira introduced me to genealogy when I was in my late teens (a few years ago now) and ignited a long term interest.

One of the personal missions working on Genes was to make life easier for the general genealogist, but also make it useful for the expert. That’s still a mission I want to continue. But back in March I was asked to join the team responsible for delivering the “family tree” tool for the family history websites owned by DC Thomson Family History (formerly brightsolid), which includes the FindMyPast brands and Genes Reunited amongst others. Sine then I have been appointed technical lead for the Tree team, and I intend to continue the mission I had on Genes within the Family Tree team. That is, to make it usable and useful, for both beginner and expert alike. The seed has been planted and shoots have already appeared, having gone live on the FindMyPast International sites (.com/.ie/ The process will be one of evolution, and improvement and change will happen quickly and often.

This blog is my personal insight into the new Family Tree tool we are nurturing to full growth, highlighting new features as they become available and my own tips on how to get the very best out it when recording your own family history.


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