Link facts with roles

Today’s update was primarily back end technical work to improve performance and reliability, but there were a couple of new features worth mentioning.

  • Search for fact type – when choosing the fact type, you can search the list of available one.
  • Link facts – link an existing person or family fact to another person.
  • Search from tree – now default to search using name variants.
  • GEDCOM import improvementsas more GEDCOMs are imported, we’re tweaking the import to cater for more obscure fields.

And here is the more detailed version.


Add fact

When adding a fact, there are over 100 core fact types, so sometimes you can get a bit lost when trying to select the correct one. This simple select fact type field will look for any fact type name with the characters entered. The characters don’t have to be at the start of the word, but do have to come together. It will narrow the selection down as you type.

Notes about fact types

  • The GEDCOM import will already create custom fact types for you. The ability to add custom fact types will be coming very shortly (hopefully in the next release).


add link

Please correct me if I am wrong, but this is a feature that I have only found on Roots Magic so far. The ability to link a fact to another person, who may or may not be connected genealogically, and assign them to a role for that fact.

add content showing links

Good examples of this would be to record the witnesses to a marriage or a lodger or a member of household staff at the time of a census.

nodal for linked person

If you create a new person who is unconnected to your tree by means of a genealogical relationship, you can access this person’s profile either by clicking on their name in the displayed linked fact or by searching for them in the people list. These can prove to be very useful links, as tracing ancestors of these persons may uncover stories or photos that include your ancestor.


This is a very small change. When you are directed from a relation’s profile to the search page, it previously was not checking for name variants. The end result is that this would only display exact results. Since the search is optimized to show the most relevant results first, you will still see the best matches displayed at the top, but if a record only records the initials and not the full given names, it will still attempt to show these as well.


We’ve had over 150k people imported into family trees via the GEDCOM import route. Of these family trees, a few had problems imported. Please be aware that every GEDCOM failure is investigated and the import will be completed. The problems we’ve uncovered relate to some GEDCOM file content not matching the format standards as expected. In these cases we’re manipulating the data to ensure we do our best to preserve the data integrity.

Notes about the import process.

  • Some imports just haven’t been possible to  complete. Such as the image (JPG file) of a leafy family tree, or the image (also JPG) of a birth record. Sorry, but only .ged, .zed and .uzed files can be imported.

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