Adding custom facts

Last Tuesday we had another update roll out. Much of the work was preparing for tree sharing, so not a lot to see, but I can explain a little about what is coming. This was included in my presentations at Who Do You Think You Are Live 2014.

Custom Facts

You can now add custom facts for a person. There are three category of facts,

  • “person names” which include full name, also known as, etc. and deal with name properties, prefix and suffix,
  • “person facts” which refer to items that can include description, date and place and deal with just the focus person,
  • “family facts” which refer also to items that include description, date and place, but deal with the focus person and a spouse.

add custom fact

Only custom “person facts” can be created at this time. You can choose to create a custom fact when you click on Add Fact. You need to provide a “Fact type” name. By default, the fact type will have description, place and date fields, but this will be editable very soon. Just save as normal and you see both the fact added, but also the fact type will appear for future use in the fact type list.

create custom fact

Quick Links

I have mentioned before the dialog box we call the Nodal Modal, which appears every time you click on a person’s name. It has a very specific intention and that is to give you more options and guidance about the person you just clicked on. For newcomer’s and for when you venture down a less well trodden path within your tree it is very useful, but on the most common sections, it seems like over kill. So we have introduced a quick link within the pedigree view. It will let you make the current person, the focus person within the pedigree view, you can jump to the profile, add a relative or open the quick edit option. It’s a small link, and a bit fiddly to get working on the iPad, but I’m told by our designers that this is intentional. For iPad they recommend just using the Nodal Modal.

quick links

Specific Search Links in Timeline

We’ve added fact specific search links within the timeline for Birth, Death Marriage, Child Births and Censuses. They’re as accurate as we can get and save a lot of typing. We’re still waiting to add “attach records to tree” to become available, so you do need to manually link these back as a source, but it’s better than nothing.

search links

Shared Trees

The feature is not available yet, but we have been preparing for it. When a tree is created you have the option of creating it as Public or Private. The option does not refer to whether or not your data can be searched, they all can, but whether or not another user has to ask for your permission to view you tree(s). My recommendation is to leave it as private, and then people can ask to view your tree. Having said that I know I have opted for a Public tree in the past on the likes of Ancestry. Why? Because there is another option available, called Show Living which I set to off. This means that although people can freely view my tree, they cannot see details of living persons. Like the one below, they can see the shape of the family but no detail.

shared tree

And when we do release, there are a couple of other interesting features. The first is that you can choose to set the Show Living flag on a person by person share, meaning that you can by default Hide Living from most user’s, but for some close relatives, you can opt to Show Living. And also, against all notes and facts, there is a Private flag. Ticking this means it will never be visible when viewing as a  shared tree.

Coming Up

We have some new lists to show, including one for places and one for fact types, and some options on each. The timeline will be configurable. And GEDCOM export is coming very soon!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Thanks for reading, Phil


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