Tree revisions and tidy up

We have a lot of work going on in the background for some major features at the moment that is keeping us all very busy, but we’re still trying to revise and tidy up the existing features, to make functionality more intuitive and useful. I’m going to start putting together feature functionality pages that describe elements in detail, so this update will be quick and simple, with lots of graphics to highlight changes.

The highlights for this release were:

  1. Public trees now accessible.
  2. Search links from timeline now giving as accurate a set of results as possible.
  3. Place merging on the places list edit option.

A full list of feature improvements follows:

Public trees now accessible

You can now share a link to your family tree if the tree is set to public. Set the tree to public via the Tree Settings page. Then take a copy of the tree url, which appears in your browser , such as:

Include the long funny looking reference. You may well see “/0/pedigree” after this number or similar. This can be included but it is not needed. Send this to another findmypast member, and they can then view your tree. By default they will not see living people or information flagged as private. The cannot edit, delete or add information to your tree. They cannot change settings nor can they view the list pages.

shared tree hide living

New family tree shares list

A new list has been added that shows everyone who has accessed your public tree, or to whom you have given access. This will give you the option to block them (remove access)  or to change the show living option on a per user basis.

family tree shares

Search link improvements

Link to search results from all search points and from profile timeline facts massively improved and opens in new tab. Get straight to the right results as quickly as possible with links from your tree.

The nodal-modal (quick view of person) provides links to birth and death results, as well as a button to search all birth, marriage and death (BMD) records at once.


The timeline provides links for birth, marriage, death and children birth searches. The search criteria will use as much of the supplied information as possible.


Revised place list layout. 

Change option button to standard edit and delete functionality. Made clearer the usage count. Link to map if geo-codes present. And most importantly, if you edit a place and alter the place name to be the same as another in your list already, the save process will merge the two places together, updating all usages across your tree.


Revised fact type list layout.

Change option button to standard edit and delete functionality. Made clearer the usage count. Rather than require a full edit, you can change fact type functionality (where permitted) by clicking on the tick boxes.

fact type list

Revised master source list layout. 

Change option button to standard edit and delete functionality. Made clearer the usage count.


Revised source modal. 

Separated UI fields, added labels and added new private field.


Revised master source modal.

UI tweaks to master source modal, accessible from edit option on the master source list.


Revised note modal.

Minor UI tweaks.


Ongoing work

The migration on FMP UK old trees is almost complete. If you think your tree has not been migrated then please contact findmypast Customer Support. I will write a separate piece on the migration.

Other fixes

These are the bugs that have been fixed in the last two releases.

  • Page pagination for places, master sources, source repository lists missing
  • Confirmation dialog not shown on source repository delete
  • Wrong icons shown on action drop down on people list
  • Unable to “remove” unused fact types from list
  • Profile pictures not changing for multiple spouses on family group page
  • Person crumb trail not showing correct date values
  • Geo codes attached to place not saving when creating tree or using quick edit dialog
  • The focus person not staying as focus person while moving about different views and different people
  • Family group view not showing correctly when in a shared tree when more than 1 spouse
  • Add mother/father dialog showing “unknown” icon
  • Flow error when adding second sibling forcing second set of parents to be created
  • Top navigation unexpectedly locking in position in certain views
  • Unable to “delete” unused master sources from list
  • Unable to “delete” unused source repositories from list
  • Wrong icons shown when changing tabs in profile view
  • Back to tree link requires multiple clicks after viewing more than one page in settings
  • Spaces missing between certain icons and labels in navigation controls
  • Wrong icons shown in navigation when in tree page views
  • Edit modal not displaying correctly when editing “unknown” person
  • Too much data being requested on pedigree, family and family group views (performance improvement)
  • Linking to wrong search results URLs across different domains

As always, we will continue to evolve the tree in the direction you guide us. If you want to have your say, then please visit

And let me know if you have any questions over the features we’re releasing.




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