Fact Type Usage Report

Trying to figure out where a particular fact type has been used?

tree settings page shopwing drop down

Up till now in your family tree on findmypast (http://www.findmypast.com) you could only find out how many usages of a fact type there were in your tree. To get to this detail, you had to look up the Fact Type report from the Settings option.

fact type report sorted by usage

But now the usage column has been changed from a static link, into a link through to a new report, the Fact Type Usage report, where it will show all the people who have a particular fact. This report is still evolving, and will soon allow you to edit or delete the fact, or jump to the person or persons to whom the fact is linked.

fact type usage person fact

fact type usage family fact

You can even filter this list based on the surname of either person.

fact type usage filtered

This really is great for helping you identify where data is being used and to clear up mistakes or formatting or just to reconcile your work. And there are more reports and report enhancements coming which will allow you to better manage the research and information you store.

Thanks for reading this article.



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