Kinship calculator

Ever wondered what the relationship is between two people in your tree? Or have you tried to work out the common ancestor between two distant relatives? Wonder no more.


In your family tree on findmypast (, on the Profile Overview page for the focus person, at the top of the Relations section, is the button link that will open up the kinship calculator. The root person for the calculator will be the person who was the focus of the profile you came from, and so you only need to use the auto suggest person selector to choose the target person.


Select this person, and it will tell you the relationship is they have a common ancestor within 10 generations either from their blood line or via marriage.


If the description of the relationship is different, such as father and daughter, then the calculator will explain both.


If the description of the relationship is the same, such as 1st cousin, then the calculator will only show it once.


If the common ancestor is through a marriage, and not a direct relationship like aunt or uncle, then the -in law suffix will appear, such as 3rd great grandfather-in law. There is no common ancestor in this situation.

Where a relationship does exist, it will identify the common ancestor. This is the person from whom both the focus and target person descend. Note, it is possible that the common ancestor is actually one of the two people in the calculation, and this will be described.


Where a relationship does not exist, such that the two people do not share a common ancestor or are not linked to a common ancestor through a single marriage, then the calculator will explain this.

It’s simple to use and great fun to play around with. Why not give it a go today?

Special thanks to my 10 year old daughter, Iona, for showing me how to screenshot and edit images on the iPad, for which this my first attempt to post from.

More news coming following another release of updates today.

cheers Phil


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