Find My Past Family Tree release 32

We rolled out another release this week for the findmypast ( family tree. Still much of the work within the team has been around some big ticket items that will be released fairly soon, but we still make time to include a few new treats and to pick up some of the minor bugs that squeeze into the code.

The highlights for this release were:

  1. Kinship calculator, see
  2. Fact type usage report, see
  3. GEDCOM import improvements, both for performance, quality and people limit increased to 90k.

Other fixes

These are the bugs that have been fixed in the last two releases.

  • Tree menu displays only link to current tree
  • Tree menu was including shared trees
  • Option to remove a shared tree for their tree list not working
  • Option to block someone from viewing their tree when public not working
  • Filter on media pages only filters on starting with
  • The master source edit modal has display error
  • Custom facts does not display on the time line when selected to do so.
  • Unable to delete unused custom facts
  • Unable to save changes made to Custom facts from the facts list page
  • Filter function in source repository list is not working
  • Settings page will not load when last viewed person does not exist
  • Repositories list not showing new UI format
  • Repositories list not showing web address as link
  • Delete Note confirmation modal font display
  • Deleting person from pedigree view breaks the entire tree
  • Modal responsive height bug – edit master sources page
  • Settings page should indicate making tree public not keeping tree public
  • Show living should be disabled and defaulted to No when tree is public
  • List pages should not show Results per page option when no results
  • GEDCOM import was allowing person to be imported when no name was present
  • GEDCOM imports that had failed have all been reprocessed and completed
  • GEDCOM import was allowing invalid family facts to be created as custom person fact
  • Design improvement to tree list
  • Design improvement to shared tree navigation
  • Minor design change to implement FMP theme brand colours
  • Minor design change to top navigation to standardise clickable areas
  • Improve performance of tree navigation results
  • Improve performance of getting content (notes, sources, etc.)
  • Improve performance of getting media (images, etc.)

As always, we will continue to evolve the tree in the direction you guide us. If you want to have your say, then please visit



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