GEDCOM Export – new feature

This week saw two NEW and exciting features being launched for the Findmypast Family Tree. This one is the second phase of a long term project to integrate the GEDCOM standard protocol for transferring your tree data between the Findmypast Family Tree platform and other genealogy packages. Findmypast appreciate that some users are familiar with other packages, and each one has different benefits, and all the mainstream desktop and online Family Trees offer GEDCOM compatibility for both importing and exporting trees, and we’re very pleased to now join this group. We are also aware that many users want to take personal backup copies of their data to store offline, or they want to share their tree with people who use other products.

So to complement GEDCOM import which we launched back in February this year, we have now launched GEDCOM export. The export release corresponded with some tweaks to the GEDCOM import to capture some data fields that we had missed, and the export process itself aims to return all the data that was included from an import, even though not all of the data in some imported GEDCOMs is shown yet in your Findmypast tree.

ExportGEDCOM - tree list

To kick off the export, go back to your tree list. You can reach the tree list by clicking on the View all trees menu item.

ExportGEDCOM - export tooltip

You will now see a new icon, slotted in between the tree settings and delete tree icons. This is the export option. For the moment the process will export your full tree in GEDCOM 5.5.1 format. No need to worry about this detail, as most applications that support GEDCOM will match this.

ExportGEDCOM - preparing gedcom

While the export process is running, your tree will be locked, so you cannot access and make changes. Don’t worry, the export is pretty fast, so you shouldn’t have long to wait.

NOTE: The process runs on the Findmypast servers in the background so you don’t have to stay on this page while the export is created. If you have a large tree, feel free to go and do more record browsing, and when you comeback to the tree list, the status of your export will be shown.

ExportGEDCOM - creating gedcom

Also while the process continues, you will see the tree status message update to give you an indication of how far through the process the export is. If for any reason, the export hits a problem, the tree will be unlocked and you can continue to work on your tree. Meantime, the Findmypast technical team will be aware of the problem and this will be investigated.

ExportGEDCOM - gedcom ready

When the process completes, the tree status will indicate that the export has been created and howlong it took. The tree will become active again, and a new link will be shown under the tree icons on the right hand side.

ExportGEDCOM - download link

The “Download tree” text is the link to physically download the file to your local computer. Click on this, and depending on your browser the file will either automatically save to your Downloads folder or you will be asked where to save the file. This is where you will be able to find the file when you want to import it to another package or to re-import it back into Findmypast.

ExportGEDCOM - file downloaded

The download tree link will remain visible until you alter the tree again, so don’t worry about it disappearing in the short term.

NOTE: Please be aware that while Findmypast make every effort to import your full GEDCOM file and then re-export the same without any loss of data, you may find some data loss when importing to and exporting from other family tree packages. If you do notice any data loss during the Findmypast processing, then please feel free to let us know and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.

We’re also looking at other tweaks to the export, and more will be posted on that when they are available.

Thanks again for reading this blog.


PS The second feature released this week was “Attach Records”. I will post about this later.


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