Uploading media to tree in IE8 and IE9

Are you using Internet Explorer 8 or 9, then please read on for some useful tips on media handling in the Findmypast Family Tree. Unfortunately these browsers are unable to support some of the more advanced browser features, such as HTML5, which allows web developers to build more advanced and user friendly websites. One particular feature that suffers most is the area of uploading media. As a result we have built an alternative method, and I explain how to use it here.

Uploading a new media file

If you go to the Media section of any profile, or the Media section under settings, you will see an Upload a file option with a Browse button.

IE89 - 001a -upload a new image

Click the Browse button to select the file. A file open dialog will appear, and you should browse to the folder where your photos are and select one file. Click on open.

IE89 - 001b -upload a new image

It will immediately start to load. When loading is complete, you will then be able to edit the details of your photo. The photo is already saved, but this allows you to save a new title and/or description, and select the photo for a profile picture.

IE89 - 001c -upload a new image

Complete these details and hit Save and you will be returned to the Media page with the new photo listed first.

IE89 - 001d -upload a new image



Attach a profile photo

Unfortunately, the upload new does not work from the profile image, so your either best to just upload a media as above and choose set to profile first time around or you can attach to an existing image if the image already exists.

IE89 - 002a -attach existing

Choose Use existing, and you will be directed to an image picker page. IE89 - 002b -attach existing

The most recent 20 images are shown. Either you can select one of these, or click load more at the bottom of the page, or you can use the filter to narrow down your search.

IE89 - 002c -attach existing

Then click on the image you want to use and save. This will then place the selected image into all the profile spots for the chosen person.

IE89 - 002d -attach existing

And that’s it. Hope this helps.


2 thoughts on “Uploading media to tree in IE8 and IE9

  1. No reason technically to leave IE8 and 9 users out in th cold. Feature parity between HTML5 controls can easily be achieved using Flash, something other sites do regularly. Takes a bit more time and effort obviously, but usually worth it, wouldn’t you say Phil?

    • Yes, I do agree Paul. We still have quite a base of IE8 and IE9 users, and the whole upload mechanism feels a bit clunky, especially compared to some other offerings on the market. Re Flash, previous experience hasn’t been great, and I’d rather not go down that route unless we really needed to.

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