Findmypast First webinar on family tree

This week I posted my first contribution to the Findmypast First series of webinars, and it was no surprise that I gave an introduction to the family tree. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, recording it in advance, and then while the webinar was running live, we dealt with a constant stream of questions and comments. It was a real shame we didn’t have time to answer everything. My genuine thanks to all who watched and those who contributed questions. I hope you all enjoyed it.

findmypast first

The webinar is currently only available to Findmypast First (annual subscribers) members, but in a few days it will be posted onto the Findmypast YouTube channel at

In answering the questions, I realised I need to post a lot more here on the blog, so to give you a glimpse of what my posts will be about in the next few weeks, here are some of the questions that were asked and answered in brief on the day, but I will answer more fully in my blog posts.

  • How secure is the Family Tree?
  • Can I import trees I’ve created through Ancestry? And from Mac Family Tree?
  • Can I import direct from Family Tree Maker?
  • Will importing GEDCOM data merge it with what I’ve already entered into find my past, or will it duplicate it?
  • What is GEDCOM?
  • If I build my family tree then don’t renew my subscription can I still see it?
  • When will tree sharing/viewing be available?
  • Can I invite an family member who does not belong to Findmypast to look at my tree?
  • Will you be adding Census hints? Will hints be available on other than just BMD?
  • Will hints still be accessible if a subscription has lapsed?
  • Are original images of records attached, or just transcriptions?
  • Do you have hints available on internments of foreign nationals during the wars?
  • When creating a Family Tree should I use my married surname or my maiden name?
  • If a woman has been married more than once what is the best way to see her maiden name and other married names?
  • If you do not know the maiden name for a woman should it be left blank as previously I used ‘unknown’?
  • Can I as the owner of tree remove it from Findmypast?
  • How do you show multiple parents in the case of adoption?
  • If I enter information on a burial does it automatically realise that person is dead, for display purposes, or privacy?
  • Why doesn’t the source of the record appear next to the event? They all seem to be verifying the name?
  • When will you have a feature to print a tree or part of?
  • Is there a download guide for the Findmypast Family Tree?
  • Is there a guide to show me how to attach photos to tree?
  • Why can I only see 3 generations in family view?

And thank you for some of the really pleasant comments. Here’s a few.

  • Very helpful – thanks!
  • Most worthwhile and looking forward to more.
  • This looks a very interesting and powerful tree construction utility you have developed. I especially like they way you capture all the sources.
  • Can I just say this is my first time with webinar and I found it a rewarding experience and look forward to the next one.
  • Thanks for your help this afternoon. I think the hints option is a great help.
  • Thank you. Very informative and look forward to more. Have just bookmarked your blog and look forward to reading it.
  • Interesting to be able to see other people’s questions/answers, some that I wouldn’t have thought of.
  • Look forward to uploading my tree in the near future.

I’ve got a bit of a challenge to get these posts put together and out for you to read on “In The Green”.

Until then, Happy Easter to you all!


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