New year has begun

The new year has begun, and the team are back in business after a well-deserved break. We’ve been pushing the throttle so hard since we started the whole rewrite of the tree, that it only seemed fair to let everyone relax and enjoy Christmas and the New Year. Having said that, we weren’t in total shut-down and what was intended as a quiet bug fixing week turned into something slightly more productive.

We sorted out some niggling issues I had with the UI, such as the name appearing as a link to nowhere in the person modal popup (it’s now just static text like all modal windows), and also some prep work for some upcoming features.

We also started work on a few items from my long list of bonus features, which unfortunately you’ll have to wait to be released before you learn more. But hopefully that won’t be too long.


A very simple feature that we did release last Monday was the ability to select media items to attach to a person profile from the existing pool of media items already loaded to a tree. This should save you having to load the same item over and over again. For those who haven’t already realised, when uploading to a person profile, the media (currently limited to images) the item is also added to the pool of media items allocated to the tree. These can all be viewed through the Media view, a link to which appears in the view drop down at the top of the page. Multiple media items can be selected in one request, and a filter allows you to search the media for specific items. If you select items on the first page and then click on show more, it will still hold onto the initial selections.


Since the release last Monday we’ve been cracking on with the next fortnightly release. This one should be good, but it’s also got me pretty nervous as a solo project I’ve been working on for the last six months will see its first incarnation. And the rest of the team are gearing up to give everything a bit more life. And it was certainly looking good at close of play yesterday.

Next release and next post on the 20th!