Deleting a tree

We’ve had quite a few requests from members to delete their trees. I thought I’d make this quick post to explain how simple and easy this action is on the new findmypast family tree.

After logging into findmypast, hover over the My Family Tree menu option, and then click on the View all trees sub menu.

findmypast tree menu

This takes you into the Family Tree portion of the application, and displays a list of all the trees that you have access to.

tree list

At the right hand side of the row for each listed tree are the function buttons. The first is for the tree settings, while the second icon, a bin, is for the tree deletion.

If you want to remove a tree, click on this icon. You will see a confirmation request as follows, so you do have the option to back out if you have clicked delete in error.

delete tree confirm dialog

If you are sure you want to delete your tree, then click Delete to confirm. Please note there is NO restore after you have confirmed the deletion, so please make sure you use this function with caution.

And that’s it. Tree gone.

tree list after deletion

I hope this helps.